We welcome you to what we hope will become a community – all of us devoted to the written word and to the visual image, to renderings of the world as it is and as it might be. . . . — Editors and founders Alex Harris and Robert Coles, from the premiere issue of DoubleTake magazine

From its launch in the summer of 1995 through the summer of 1999, DoubleTake magazine was a quarterly publication of the Center for Documentary Studies. Backed by funding from the Lyndhurst Foundation, the magazine’s beautiful, emphatic realization of its dream to become a home for all kinds of verbal and visual storytellers made an immediate impact in the arts and publishing world. In any given issue you might find, for example, work by a Nobel Prizewinning writer, poems by a woman in adult literacy classes in Eastern Kentucky, photos by some of our most iconic image-makers, drawings by refugee children.

A year after winning the National Magazine Award for General Excellence in 1998, DoubleTake and CDS parted ways, and the magazine moved to Somerville, Masachusetts, as an independent nonprofit. Ongoing financial struggles led to the magazine’s official demise in November 2004, when it closed its offices for good.

DoubleTake is remembered with fond admiration by many even as its distinct, visionary legacy continues—old subscribers dip into treasured back issues, new fans discover a full or partial set online.