Through its teaching programs, CDS trains and supports future and practicing documentarians as well as other students who find fieldwork and storytelling to be a vital component of their academic and professional pursuits. An essential part of documentary education involves development of expertise in production and presentation, so engaging in fieldwork, editing, and exhibition are central to teaching and learning the documentary arts.

With these aims in mind, the Center for Documentary Studies coordinates the Lehman Brady Joint Chair Visiting Professorship, which brings distinguished filmmakers, photographers, writers, and scholars of the documentary arts to Duke and UNC to teach courses on both campuses and engage in lectures, screenings, and other events for students, faculty, and the general public. The interaction of practicing documentarians and students creates a unique culture of “learning through making” at CDS, with both parties benefitting in unique and unexpected ways through continuous learning both in and out of the classroom.

Recent Lehman Brady professors have included filmmaker Marco Williams, documentary theater performer Mike Wiley, and Jazz Loft Project director Sam Stephenson, among many more. Read more about the Lehman Brady Professorship and see a complete history of visiting professors on our website.